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Get organized

Manage all of your tasks in one place. Plan and structure your work as you see fit and organize your Goals on flexible Kanban boards.

Instant progress overview

Follow progress on your tasks and Goals as they move along your taskboard. Instantly know what your priorities are and what tasks need to be completed next.

Everything in one place

Keep your files, checklists and tags all attached to a specific task. Get immediate reporting and up-to-date analytics with the click of a button.

Results-driven & data-driven
Task Management features

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Flexible Taskboards

Adapt your taskboards to fit the way you work. You run your dev process in 3 stages? Just add them to your taskboard! Your design process has 4 distinct steps? You can easily show them!

Task Templates

Do you have a set of routine tasks that are constantly on repeat? Create your own template for them! Templates save you time, and keep your recurring to-do lists conveniently at the ready when you need them.


Do the tasks in your workflow contain multiple steps? Break them down with checklists! There is nothing better than checking off items from a list once you've completed them.

Smart Labels

Apply labels to your tasks to easily distinguish them based on complexity, priority, project name, or anything else. No restrictions! ​​​​​​​Labels also provide access to Workstreams' Goals feature, which organizes related tasks towards a larger objective.

File attachments

Keep the latest versions of all your front-end mockups, wireframes and images attached to the specific tasks. Have all your files instantly available at any time. in action

Keep oversight

Find all of your tasks on a Kanban-style taskboard. Customize your taskboard with the columns you need to fit your own process.

Keep oversight

Plan and prioritize

Create tasks and arrange them by priority. Create your own worksteps adopted to your own workflows.

Plan and prioritize

See how you’re doing

Make more informed decisions! Get the info you need, whenever you need it. Cumulative charts, breakdown charts and inteligent smart labeling all provide the incites you need to make a bigger impact.

See how you’re doing

Manage all project tasks in a single place

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