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Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.

Working wisely - September 2022

In this edition of our Working Wisely series, we explore one of our highlight features in the app, our Workflows. Sound good? Let's get started.

Working wisely - August 2022

In this edition of our Working Wisely series, we look at some aspects of modern work culture that are affecting us today. Let’s take a look at some trends.

Working wisely - July 2022

Tune in for a very special episode of Working Wisely where we discuss some emerging aspects of modern work culture! This one is definitely worth your while. 🌻

Time is of the essence! - In-App Calendar

What is the best way to manage your time? offers a fully-fledged, interactive calendar with a variety of viewing options for your monthly, weekly, or daily workload ahead.

Lost time is never found again - Task Time Allocation

How much time do you need to complete this task? Can we estimate with high accuracy when we’re gonna hit this milestone? Do we need a 30% buffer just to be sure?

Right on time! - Calendar Integration

Unlike other platforms, does not exist in a vacuum. Our solution runs alongside your communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless, delightful experience between your discussions and your tasks.