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Keep aligned - wherever you are

Results-driven task management
for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google

Manage all project tasks in a single place

Delightful simplicity combined with a mix of collaborative tools & productive focus

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Make your team productive

We improve your cross-departmental collaboration, bring improved transparency and remove isolated silos. Aligned teams are more productive and happier.

Make your team productive


Scale with efficiency and zero overhead

No matter the amount of tasks and people, keeps things smooth and functional. Don't miss a beat nor an update, regardless if you're onboarding your 10th or 1000th employee. Everyone can start in a jiffy.

Scale with efficiency and zero overhead


Reach organizational nirvana

Going from email to Salesforce, to Trello and Excell and back gets tedious pretty fast. That is even before you reach the endless different file sharing tools your team uses. With you eliminate clutter in a single sweep. All your potential opportunities, discussions, task details and files are in a single place, readily available.

Reach organizational nirvana


ComBan - Communication KANBAN

Switching contexts is a drag. It also directly contributes to lost time and drifting focus. places your Kanban taskboards and workflows directly where your team communicates. Any issue is resolved with your teammates in seconds, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

ComBan - Communication KANBAN

Stellar features for modern teams

Keep priorities clear, ideas organized &
the right knowledge within reach.

  • 01Priority-based & flexible Kanban taskboards
  • 02Elegant task management with effective user experience
  • 03Analytics & tracking
  • 04Smart notifications
  • 05Transparent Team tasks overview
  • 06Team Goals

Keep priorities clear, ideas organized &
the right knowledge within reach.

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Priority-based & flexible Kanban taskboards

What is on the top of the planned columns requires attention. Pull a task that needs love, without tedious estimations or dependencies. Adapt the taskboards to fit your team's process or use our workflow templates.

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Elegant task management with effective user experience

With everything is simplified, letting you focus on getting things done and delivering value in short iterations. Easy task creation, assignee selection, file attachment and templating. All geared towards getting work done faster and more efficiently.

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Analytics & tracking

Track all of your progress with our amazing cumulative flow charts! Set ambitious goals and never miss a deadline, thanks to burndown charts. Each taskboard gets its own tracking and its own unique chart.

Workstreams kanban board showing organization
Smart notifications

Keep yourself up to date with notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Choose to get every task update or only the essentials. The important thing is, it's your choice and we respect it.

Workstreams kanban showing filter functionality
Transparent Team tasks overview is all about collaborative working. Transparency is key in any working enviroment. That's why our "Team Tasks" feature provides an overview of what team members are currently working on and what is on their plate for the future.

Workstreams kanban showing filter functionality
Team Goals

Align and motivate your team with Goals! View different tasks from different taskboards all in one place with a clear, overall target that matters now! Always stay up to date on progress & keep your team focused. Let them excel! fits your use case

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