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Results-driven task management
meets Microsoft Teams

Seamless task management. Right where you communicate.

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Free for all team sizes

Manage all project tasks in a single place

Communication is where ideas are born. Count on us to turn your ideas into actionable tasks.

an intelligent bot
An intelligent bot

With the wit of our bot, provides the simplicity and the structure needed to maintain clear cross-channel communications for you and your team.

a flexible kanban board
A flexible Kanban board

You get a taskboard in your Microsoft Teams tabs that's customizable to your unique needs. Plan projects, assign tasks, prioritize and get more done.

all seamlessly integrated
All seamlessly integrated

The bot and Kanban board work side by side to keep you up to date. Know whenever a task is created, updated, or completed.

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Connect with Microsoft for the smoothest team experience out there.

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What makes productive?

Managing tasks

Manage all tasks in one place

There is no better place to manage you and your team's workload and tasks than in the place where you communicate. All your brainstorming, planning and execution in one single place. Fully transparent.

All in Microsoft Teams

No need to leave Teams is fully functional right in Teams. The bot in your conversations and the Kanban board in the tab are fully integrated to the Teams experience. No context switching, just getting stuff done.

Smart Goals and Reporting

Smart Goals & Reporting

Get insights into you and your team's performance with our Analytics and Reporting. Inspire your team across departments to focus on delivering great results with Goals.

Must-have features for
streamlined task management

Discover how helps you get work done

Flexible Taskboards

Adapt the taskboard to fit the way you work. You run your dev process in 3 stages? Just add them to your taskboard! Your design process has 4 distinct steps? Easy!

Task Templates

Does your team have a set of tasks that constantly repeat? Create a template, and then they're all just a click away. Templates will save you time, and keep your recurring to-do lists conveniently at the ready when you need them.


Do the tasks in your process contain multiple steps? Break them down! Explain each step in detail and clarify your exact requirements with checklists. There is nothing better than checking off items from a list once you've completed them.

Smart Labels

Apply labels to your tasks for easy categorization based on complexity, priority, project name, or anything else. No restrictions! Labels provide access to Workstreams' powerful goals.

File attachments

Keep the latest versions of all your front-end mockups, wireframes and images attached to the specific tasks. Enable your developers to focus on building great things, and decrease feedback loops to a minimum.

How we stand out from the competition

We master task management for the communication age

  • Collect ideas

    Create tasks in your conversations as you go. Share files and associate them with suggested tasks. Assign team members and start conversations. All from within Teams.

  • Focus your team with Goals

    Direct tasks from various channels and departments towards a single, shared objective with Goals! Goals is our unique solution for cross-team collaboration. Never miss a big project release again.

  • See how you’re doing

    Flowcharts, breakdown charts and intelligent smart labeling are all a part of our analytics and reporting. These features boost your productivity by showing you what's most crucial to get done.

Results-oriented collaboration tools

  • Clear overview

    Find all your tasks in a Kanban style taskboard. Use boards for any channel. Combine channels on one board or focus on each channel individually.

  • Plan and prioritize

    Create and change the priority of your tasks. Create your own worksteps adopted to your team workflows.

  • My Tasks & Team Tasks

    Keep a clear view on your own work or catch up on what the other team members are focusing on with a click of a button! With, you can also follow tasks that don't include you as an assignee, so you keep track of everything you are interested in.

Manage all project tasks in a single place

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