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How it works

Curated workflow library

Use a tailored process for your real-life use case

Apply the right Workflow to every corner of your organization. Whether for HR, operations, marketing, design, or even your own use case, we have reliable and ready-to-use solutions.

Easy customization

Make it your own

Customize our Workflows to fit your unique requirements. Editing is simple and straightforward. Add custom procedures, make changes to predefined tasks, and set your work in motion.

Workflow automation

Make the Flow Work for you

Reduce busywork with automation! Have a person responsible for a specific workstep? Make them an auto-assignee! Someone specific needs to sign off on a final piece of work before it moves forward? Use our flexible constraints to ensure compliance.

Transparent priorities

Achieve organizational Nirvana

Our workflows do wonders for transparency. Remove silly silos and empower your team by freeing up the flow of information. Use our Team Tasks feature and get a clear overview of your teammates priorities.

Kick things off with a pre-made Workflow or create your own

Our library is curated with proven, customer-tested Workflows, developed in collaboration with companies and teams such as yours.

Why use Workflows?

Time is of the essence!
Re-use established Workflows that guarantee sustained positive outcomes. Use task templates to remove menial task creation, and do more creative, enjoyable work!
Seal of approval
Our Workflows deliver on their promise of greater efficiency because they are co-developed with businesses actively working to solve real-world problems.
No administrative overhead
Drastically simplify administrative work and user management procedures. Reduce bureaucracy and increase creativity!
A clear road to success
Whatever you're working on, our Workflows bring everything together in one place, from start to finish.
Failproof onboarding
Your teammates get onboarded on the very tool they'll use to get work done. Be it best practices, important how-tos, or essentiall documentation, it all happens here.
Swiss army knife
Save an abundance of time and money by avoiding complex, expensive software, and adjusting our pre-made Workflows to fit all of your team's essential internal work.

What makes our workflows magical

See Lisa's story to discover how all workflow features will make your life easier.

  • 01Live your process with flexible worksteps
  • 02Save time with ready-made task templates
  • 03Focus on important details with custom fields
  • 04Categorize and filter your tasks using labels
  • 05Stay in control of important worksteps
  • 06Be notified when tasks need your attention
Live your process with flexible worksteps

To start, keep your workflow simple and check in regularly to make any necessary adjustments. Already have task blue prints for recurring procedures? Simply add them to your workflow.

Save time with ready-made task templates

Use-case-specific task templates structure your work so that you never have to set up a process with your team from scratch. They are perfect for recurring work where setting a reliable routine and rythm is essential.

Focus on important details with custom fields

Workflow-specific custom fields highlight the info that's most critical to you and your team completing important tasks. Count on custom fields to give that extra bit of specificity, right where you need it.

Categorize and filter your tasks using labels

Tasks can be easily sorted and located with labels. Workflow-specific labels also fit perfectly with workflow-specific task templates. This keeps routine internal processes standardized and streamlined.

Stay in control of important worksteps

Workstep owners are uniquely authorized to edit tasks once they reach a specific step in your workflow. Making key team members workstep owners allows the right person to evaluate tasks at the right time before moving them along for completion. Perfect for accounting, HR requests, and more!

Be notified when tasks need your attention

Sometimes a specific task doesn't concern you until it has reached a specific step in your workflow. When this is the case, make yourself a workstep assignee to get automatically assigned to tasks that reach a specific workstep.

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