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Key aspects where we excel

Manage your campaigns

All of your running campaigns and other marketing goals in a single overview, with useful progress indicators, such as charts, due dates and clear steps on your taskboards.

Track progress with reports

Use Burndown chart reports for an immediate overview of how a campaign is doing, how many tasks are still open and how fast are you making progress with your team.

All your files where you need them

Keep all your drafts, market research files, graphics and videos neatly attached to the task. Upload via Slack, Microsoft Teams or on the web.

Flexible to your process

Adapt the taskboard to fit your custom marketing process. You run ad campaigns in 3 stages? Just add them to your taskboard! Your design process has 4 distinct steps? Easy!

Work towards a Goal

Combine all tasks from across marketing departments to focus them towards a single Goal. Enable your design and PR teams to collaborate with ease. Goals are the best way to keep your team focused to get things done.

See where things stand

Gain an instant overview of every task in the marketing process right on your taskboard. No need to hunt for updates from your team. They are already there on your taskboard.

No matter the challenge, tackle it with

The right task management solution for your marketing efforts

PPC Campaigns

Stay on top of all the edits, changes and improvements that your PPC campaigns may need. Combine tasks into campaign specific goals.

YouTube Ad Production

Set up tasks for writing a storyboard, shooting the video and uploading it to YouTube. Assign a common label and get your ad running.

Landing Page Creation

Assign writing tasks to your content department, graphics tasks to your designers and publishing tasks to your dev team. Bundle all tasks in a goal for transparency and agility.

Instagram Stories Promo

Create a task for the graphics of each story. Set due dates for your graphic designers. Combine all tasks in a goal to track progress.

Product Rolllout PR

Prepare your leads, assign them to your PR team. Track progress as coverage starts to roll in.

Delightful features to enable your marketing process

Workstreams HR Board

Run your advertising campaign in 5 easy steps

How to start

On Slack: Type /plan followed by your task title, Write ad copy in your marketing channel.

On Microsoft Teams: Type @Workstreams and select plan, then type in your task title, Write ad copy in your marketing channel. Easy!

Creative ad Design

Create another task! You can click the + New task button, or just hit the "N" key while on your taskboard. Great shortcut right!? Assign the task to your graphic designers and let your brand shine.

Track progress with a specific Goal

Remember to assign a common label to all your tasks in this campaign. This lets you create a campaign-specific Goal! Just go to your taskboard, click Create New Goal and you're all set!

Track progress with burndown charts to see where your team stands!

Provide details

Next, click the Show on taskboard button to view your marketing taskboard. There you will see your Write ad copy task. Click on the task to add description. Explain the specifics of the ad content to your copywriters and let them do their magic!

Publish on search & display networks

Setting the campaign to live is always the best part! Set up the task on Slack or Microsoft Teams and let's get it running!

Detailed overview of everything you need

Break down tasks into subtasks

Do the tasks on your marketing taskboard have multiple steps on their way to completion? Tell the whole story and clarify your exact requirements with subtasks. Break the task down and check things off as you go. You can also give distinct assignees and due dates to each subtask for maximum clarity.

Break down tasks into subtasks

Collaborate with freelancers and agencies

Some of your marketing processes may depend on external designers, content writers and creative agencies. With you can be certain that all external people are purposefully kept in the loop and included in your process – letting everyone collaborate in real time as a unified team.

Collaborate with freelancers and agencies

Set due dates on a task and a goal level

Keep your team focused and meet campaign deadlines with due dates. Make sure your content writer has the right mockups from your designers by communicating due dates in a transparent manner.

Set due dates on a task and a goal level
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