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Develop delightful products

Manage your IT & development process with Develop features efficiently and at speed.

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How boosts your development efforts

The place where modern tech teams develop delightful products

Own your process

Adapt a one of our Kanban-style taskboards to fit your custom dev process. The Kanban gives you an instant overview of every task without requiring regular team updates. While working, make use of built-in progress indicators that show due dates and burndown chart reports to monitor tasks and evaluate the performance.

Work towards a Goal

Keep the big picture in focus! Combine all tasks related to releasing a specific feature by making them all part of the same goal. You can always attach key files to specific tasks, which allows your dev team to focus on building great things instead of hunting for files. Creating goals is also a great team motivator!

Task breakdown with checklists

Do the tasks in your development process contain multiple steps? Break the task down into smaller, more manageable bits! Explain each step in detail and clarify your exact requirements with subtasks. You can even assign specific people to specific subtasks and give them due dates.

Tackle any product release, feature update or bug fix with

The right task management solution for your development

Zero bug policy

Each bug can be fixed quickly and coherently by assigning tasks on your board. Label all bugs with a unique BUG label. Your dev team can then pull tasks when they are in the mood for bug squashing. Make it great!

Feature updates

Set up tasks for improving a feature on your product. Assign tasks for design, writing code and for QA to the right team members whenever needed. Label tasks to get your work into production at full speed.

Landing Page Creation

Assign writing tasks to your content department, graphics tasks to your designers and publishing tasks to your dev team. Bundle groups of related tasks into a Goal for transparency and agility.

Improve onboarding experience

Create sets of tasks for your UX department. They design a great onboarding experience and then assign the next set of tasks for your dev team. From there, the dev team does their magic and prepares everything for final release. Just like that, the new onboarding is live!

Develop new website

Collaborate with your UX department, graphic designers, content creators and dev team to roll out an amazing website

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Full interaction in your communication

Switching contexts is a drag. It also directly contributes to lost time and drifting focus. places your development process directly where your team communicates. Any issue is resolved with your teammates in seconds, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

No organizational overhead

All too often developers are blocked from doing great work by obstacles in the road. A miriad of permissions, roles & releases are behind a walled garden guarded by an allmighty admin or product owner. eliminates that severe pain point completely. No hassle, no signups, no roles. Just focus on what needs to get done.

Built with KISS design in mind

Keep It Stupid Simple. Everyone is able to pick up your development process, and fast. No need to overcomplicate documentation on how your team runs development. With everything is simplified, letting you focus on writing great code and delivering value in short iterations.

No tedious estimations

What is on the top of the planned column requires your attention. Pull a task that needs love, without tedious estimations, epic connections and dependencies. Cut the task to be delivered in a day, get it done and enjoy life!

Collaborate with externals seamlessly

Getting an external web developer onboard on your project is a pain. Overbearing admin rights and tedious process slow things down. With, that all goes away. Just add them as single channel guests on Slack, and just like that they are a full member of the team!

Amazing features to boost your development process

Workstreams HR Board

Develop a new feature in 5 easy steps

A simple start

On Slack: Type /plan followed by your task title, Design new sorting feature. Assign it to a member of your UX team.

On Microsoft Teams: Type @workstreams and select plan, then type in your task title, Design new sorting feature. Assign it to a member of your UX team. Easy!

Handle sorting on mobile

Create another task! This time just hit the "N" key while on your taskboard. Great shortcut right!? Assign the task to your app developers and let them do the sorting!

Track dev progress with a Goal

Remember to assign a "sorting-feature" label to all of your relevant development tasks. This lets you create a feature-specific Goal! Just go to your taskboard, click Create New Goal and you're on your way! Track progress with burndown charts and give your tech team a clear overview of where they stand!

Develop backend logic

Next, click the Show on taskboard button to view your web-development taskboard. Click the + New task button. Elaborate on the requirements for the new sorting to your backend development team and let them create a great solution!

Move tasks to review

You've created pull requests, now let your team know! Move all tasks to the ready for review step of your taskboard and let your devs offer feedback and improvements.

Detailed overview of everything you need

Attach key files to specific tasks

Keep the latest versions of all your front-end mockups, wireframes and images attached to the specific tasks. Enable your developers to focus on building great things, and decrease feedback loops to a minimum.

Attach key files to specific tasks

Collaborate with freelancers and agencies

Some of your development processes might depend on external designers, web developers or QA engineers. This is when inviting single channel guests to your workspace comes in handy. With you can be certain that all external people are purposefully kept in the loop and included in your process – letting everyone collaborate in real time as a unified team.

Collaborate with freelancers and agencies

Set due dates on a task and a goal level

Keep your team focused and meet your release schedule with due dates. Make sure your front-end developer has the right mockups from your UX designers by communicating due dates in a transparent manner.

Set due dates on a task and a goal level
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