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Results-driven task management meets Slack

Seamless task management. Right where you communicate.

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Free for all team sizes

Manage all project tasks in a single place

Your Slack channels are brimming with creativity. Count on us to turn it into workable tasks

an intelligent bot
A stellar bot

Our bot works alongside your team on Slack. Simple by design, it provides the structure needed for modern teams to maintain smooth and efficient cross-department collaboration.

a flexible kanban board
A flexible Kanban board

Each of Slack channel where our bot is present gets a fully-customizable Kanban board. Use it to plan out your workflow, assign team members to specific tasks and get more done.

all seamlessly integrated
All functioning as one unit

Our bot and Kanban taskboards work in parallel to provide full transparency on what matters now to everyone. Know whenever a task is created, updated, or completed.

Task management magic right in your Slack

Our award-winning Slack app makes
getting tasks done a delight

  • 01Create and edit tasks right in Slack
  • 02Turn any Slack message into a task
  • 03A new App home for your task management
  • 04Always know what to work on next
  • 05Fine tune the look & feel of task messages
  • 06Essential performance report right in your channel
  • 07Seamless transition from Slack to your taskboard

Great teams master communication
and keep their work structured

Workstreams showing creation of a task
Create & edit tasks right in Slack

Creating a task in Slack is delightfully easy. Just use our slick Shortcut ⚡️feature and choose "Create a Task". All tasks can be fully viewed and worked on from inside of Slack. No need to switch contexts. You can get tasking right away!

Workstreams showing how to turn a message into a task
Turn any Slack message into a task

Someone in the channel posted a cool idea!? Great! Turn it into a task in just a few clicks! Use the message actions button to convert any text from the channel into a full-on task that you and your teammates can immediately take action on.

Workstreams Slack app home
A new App home for your task management

Your tasks, your performance, your success! Our award-winning App Home acts as a hub for your task management on Slack. See what's next, follow up on pending tasks, get performance updates and Know that you're always stay up to date.

Read more about our award-winning App Home open_in_new and the value of using Slack’s latest Block Kit surface open_in_new

Workstreams showing my tasks
Always know what to work on next

While working, we often ask ourselves, which of "My tasks" are due today? With our Slack app, you gain a full and precise picture of where your focus should be, both across channels and projects. Nestled in our App Home, "My Tasks" gives you a clear overview of everything assigned to you that requires immediate action. Wonderful!

Workstreams showing configurable options
Fine tune the look and feel of task messages

Are you the command-center type, who needs every bit of available information right in front of you? No problem! Our "Full View" task message format is made for you! If you want to reduce clutter and simplify your channel, you can also choose the "Compact View". The main thing t is that you stay in control.

Read more about smarter task messages open_in_new

Workstreams showing flow chart functionality
Essential performance report right in your channel

Curious to see how is your team is doing? Are you on track to reach your Goals? Just ask to get you the latest reports on your progress, right where you communicate on Slack. How great is that!?

Workstreams showing kanban and Slack channel integration
Seamless transition from Slack to your taskboard

Our Slack bot and the web taskboard are built from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated. Jump from Slack to the board, make changes in one place, see them magically appear in the other. Whatever your task management preferences, you'll feel right at home with

What makes unique

Manage all tasks in one place

There is no better place to manage you and your team's workload and tasks than in your Slack channels. All your brainstorming, planning and execution in one single place. Fully transparent.

Smart Goals & Reporting

Get insights into you and your team's performance with our Analytics and Reporting. Inspire everyone across departments to focus on delivering great results with Goals.

Intelligent notifications

Strike the right balance between transparency and peace of mind. Our intelligent notifications and task messages deliver the right information at the right time, allowing you to take action and move forward.

Enhance your workflow with

Connect with Slack for the smoothest team experience out there.

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Slack teams integration

Must-have features for streamlined task management

Discover how helps you get work done

Flexible Taskboards

Adapt your taskboards to fit the way you work. You run your dev process in 3 stages? Just add them to your taskboard! Your design process has 4 distinct steps? You can easily show them!

Task Templates

Do you have a set of routine tasks that are constantly on repeat? Create your own template for them! Templates save you time, and keep your recurring to-do lists conveniently at the ready when you need them.


Do the tasks in your workflow contain multiple steps? Break them down with checklists! There is nothing better than checking off items from a list once you've completed them.

Smart Labels

Apply labels to your tasks to easily distinguish them based on complexity, priority, project name, or anything else. No restrictions! ​​​​​​​Labels also provide access to Workstreams' Goals feature, which organizes related tasks towards a larger objective.

File attachments

Keep the latest versions of all your front-end mockups, wireframes and images attached to the specific tasks. Have all your files instantly available at any time.

Stellar features for exceptional Slack teams

Great teams master communication
and keep their work structured

  • 01Priority-based & flexible Kanban taskboards
  • 02Elegant task management with effective user experience
  • 03Analytics & tracking
  • 04Collaborate with external partners
  • 05Transparent Team tasks overview
  • 06Team Goals

Great teams master communication
and keep their work structured

Workstreams kanban board
Priority-based & flexible Kanban taskboards

What is on the top of the planned columns requires attention. Pull a task that needs love, without tedious estimations or dependencies. Adapt the taskboards to fit your team's process or use our workflow templates.

Workstreams kanban board showing organization
Elegant task management with effective user experience

With everything is simplified, letting you focus on getting things done and delivering value in short iterations. Easy task creation, assignee selection, file attachment and templating. All geared towards getting work done faster and more efficiently.

Workstreams kanban showing filter functionality
Analytics & tracking

Track all of your progress with our amazing cumulative flow charts! Set ambitious goals and never miss a deadline, thanks to burndown charts. Each taskboard gets its own tracking and its own unique chart.

Workstreams kanban board showing organization
Collaborate with external partners

Bring your freelancers, remote workers, external HR or design agencies right into your daily task management. With Slack and you can set up shared channels with a common taskboard and collaborate seamlessly. No more endless emails, countless attachments combined with confusion. Everything in one place, fully transparent.

Workstreams kanban showing filter functionality
Transparent Team tasks overview is all about collaborative working. Transparency is key in any working environment. That's why our "Team Tasks" feature provides an overview of what team members are currently working on and what is on their plate for the future.

Workstreams kanban showing filter functionality
Team Goals

Align and motivate your team with Goals! View different tasks from different taskboards all in one place with a clear, overall target that matters now! Always stay up to date on progress & keep your team focused. Let them excel!

Manage all project tasks in a single place

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