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Workstreams.aiOur Story

Our story starts with our customers. They value their time, don't accept mediocre work, get things done, and enjoy their lives. They also work on modern teams not beholden to archaic, process-driven work, and are seldom siloed off in different departments.

Their values inspire them to brake traditional barriers, communicate freely and keep laser-focused on the task at hand. We strive to unlock their potential, focus their efforts, and supply their teams with valuable knowledge and insights.

This is reflected in the way we work and communicate at


Our core values

These the principles that guide our actions

Our products are a reflection of our values.


We employ a culture of transparency, ensuring our decision-making process is democratic. Feedback flows freely and iterations happen at a constant pace. We strongly believe that well-informed teammates perform better and are happier at work as a result.

Priority over deadline

Deadlines are artifical constructs, designed to oppress creativity. We employ a culture of prioritization. Time and resources are allocated to things and issues that deliver meaningful value to the user.


We deeply value our time, and we want to work on impactful things that have meaning. We strive to excel in everything we do, from new features to clever campaigns and design guidelines, so we can get them done and enjoy life!

Constant learning

Every day is a chance to learn something new! At we run daily academies where we tackle topics from a wide range of disciplines. We constantly educate ourselves on new technologies and ways of doing things.


The needs and desires of our users are our top priority, and that is how we've named the four pillars of our design ethic: “USER” approach. Unity, Simplicity, Empathy, and Reflection.

Our team ethos

Get shit done & enjoy life!
Workstream Team
Ideas into actions
Workstreams Office
In music we trust
In music we trust
Beer o'clock
Office Kreuzberg
Office Kreuzberg
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Berlin bike tour
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Get shit done & go shred
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California Road Trip
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A typical working day at

Have a look at our daily routine
Team photo
Daily Standup

Every morning kicks off with a daily standup, where each team member does a round-up of what they achieved the day before, and what will be working on next. The daily is a great way to stay updated on what the team is focusing on, and enhances our sense of community.​​​​​​​

Whiteboard iterations & discussions

We cultivate a engaged working environment where discussion is encouraged. During the working day, impromptu conversations are happening all around, and the whole team is encouraged to join, regardless of the topic.​​​​​​​

Team lunch

Lunchtime. Nutrition is important, and a sense of team-belonging even more so! We aim to go out to lunch together, relax and enjoy ourselves. Cooking at the office is also a blast!​​​​​​​


To wrap the day up, we gather for a drink, to reflect on the day's accomplishments, plan ahead and enjoy each other's company.​​​​​​​

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